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Getting there

Totally nackered ... What a day! (ehm, almost 2 days officially :-)
We left Bruges at 04.30 CET on Tuesday morning and after many hours in transit, but mainly in the air, we finally reached our hotel in Sydney around 20.00 local time on Wednesday evening!!! Yes, exactly.
We flew a total of approx. 20 hours and spend an additional 7 1/2 in transit! Phew!

The flight was very tiring, but everything went


Arr 23-10-2002
Dep 27-10-2002 (4 nights)
Le Meridien
11 Jamison Street
Sydney - NSW 2000
Tel: ++ 61 (0)2 9696 2500
Fax: ++ 61 (0)2 9696 2600

smoothly. First we flew a mere 50' from Brussels to London Heathrow (spend over 4 hours in transit). Then we continued on our way to Singapore for 12 hours, where we had a small 'refueling' stop (01.15' in transit), and then it was another 7 hours or so to our final destination: Sydney. Extra bonus: The food on board was pretty good actually ... 'cos we managed to fork ourselves through 4 breakfasts and 2 dinners. (They just kept serving!)

But by God, it was worth it! The hotel 'Le Meridien' is very, very comfy. Perhaps a bit posh for our standards ;-) You wouldn't believe what kinds of stuff they have laying around in the room (from mouthwash to toaster ... Blimey!)

We still managed to make a little stroll towards the cities' most famous landmarks:
The Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Very, very impressive. Both bathing in what seemed a magical light ... (left me, Radica, in tears) And we came accros soo many 'trendy/funky' eateries and stores. Definitely worth a closer look in the coming days.

When we arrived back at the hotel there was a nice surprise waiting for us: a complimentary bottle of excellent Australian Champagne on ice!!! Well, you might
think we would have had enough to eat on the plane ... but, to be honest, we both had a bit of a 'craving' ... so we decided to add a delicsious bowl of fettucini to our glas of Champoo (Room service, naturally. Ehm, ... seems we can get used to this posh stuff after all? ;-)


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In transit in Heathrow

our plane in Singapore

a short nap

Our room


Harbour Bridge, first night, on arrival

Opera House

Room service, champagne on the house

Some addresses

  • Tetsuya's
    529 Kent Street
  • Cafe Sydney
    Level 5 Customs House
    Cnr Loftus & Alfred

  • Aria
    1 Macquarie Street
    East Circular Quay
  • Iguana Bar and

    15 Kellett Street
    Potts Point NSW 2011
    02 9357 2609
  • Bambu
    Bay 4, Overseas
    Passenger Terminal
    Circular Quay West
    (02) 9247 6044